Truck Accident Causes and Preventions

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car accident webIt seems that after an 18-wheeler accident occurs the first question asked is: how could this have been prevented? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 80,000 people were injured as a result of 18-wheeler accidents last year. There are many safety precautions that both car and truck drivers can take in order to prevent these accidents from occurring.

So what causes 18-wheeler accidents? Some contributing factors may include distracted driving, sleep deprivation, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, inadequate training or defective equipment on the truck.

Distracted driving can be extremely dangerous. With the rising popularity of smart phones, it is no wonder distracted driving is increasing. You can do anything on a smartphone: text, check the weather, get directions, or pay your bills. Car and truck drivers that use their phones while driving have an increased risk of getting into an accident. To prevent such an occurrence, pull over if you need to send a message or make a call. Otherwise, keep your phone in the dashboard.

Falling asleep at the wheel is also another cause of accidents for semis and cars alike. Driving while drowsy is very dangerous and is similar to driving under the influence. Often times, truck drivers will need to drive through the night in order to meet deadlines. Instead of pushing yourself to the brink, pull over and get some rest if you feel sleepy.

As a car driver you can help prevent 18-wheeler accidents by not lingering in the truck driver’s blind spot. Avoid cutting off the truck or speeding up to try and pass them as they merge onto the highway or interstate. Both car and truck drivers should not follow other vehicles too closely especially in stop and go traffic or on hills.

18-wheeler trucks should routinely get maintenance in order to ensure that their vehicles are in top working condition. Brake failure or blown out tires contribute to a large number of 18-wheeler accidents. If an 18-wheeler is found to have defective parts or had not been serviced in a while, the company and the driver can be found at fault.

The next time you are driving on the road, either in a car or as a truck driver, pay attention to the surrounding traffic and adhere to safety rules. This may just prevent an accident!

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