Can An Accident Attorney Help With A Dangerous Medication Case?

tough lawyer webIt is a common misconception that an accident attorney in Atlanta cannot represent a victim of a different type of injury. Accident attorneys are personal injury attorneys and can represent a client for any type of injury they may have received.

The Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent represent injury victims in the following areas:

• Vehicular accidents- not limited to just cars
• Commercial vehicle accidents
• Maritime events
• Workers compensation
• Slip and Fall
• Unsafe premises events – security
• Animal attacks
• Dangerous medications
• Defective medical devices
• Dangerous products
• Nursing home abuse
• Wrongful death

Dangerous Medications Are A Type Of Negligence

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires all pharmaceutical companies to perform extensive testing on their medications prior to approval. Pharmaceutical companies must prove that the products will not harm the public and that they are for the “greater good.” In some cases, if the medication will be a great asset to the public, the FDA will allow the product to enter the market before all the testing is completed.

Sadly, it has come into public knowledge that many of these pharmaceutical companies are “forgetting” some of the results of their tests and are pushing for products to enter the market even though they know that many people could be harmed. Because some of these side effects do not appear immediately, these pharmaceutical companies can sell large amounts of the product before they are either forced to place warnings on it or sued by the angry public.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent have seen first-hand what dangerous medications can do their clients and they are determined to fight these large pharmaceutical companies on their client’s behalf. These actions are negligent and fraudulent and injured parties deserve fair and just compensation.

Other Type Of Personal Injuries

The experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent are also available to aggressively represent injury victims that have been injured at work, on a cruise ship, or by a vicious animal. If you have been hurt because of lack of security at a business or unsafe premises, the lawyers of this firm can represent your claim. If you have been hurt, they can help.

Personal injury law encompasses all types of injuries, not just vehicular accidents. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent are experienced in all areas of personal injury aw and can provide you with top rated representation.

Here To Serve

The Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent are located in seven different Georgia locations. Each location is staffed with professional and caring attorneys and legal staff that are available to help you. You can schedule a free consultation online, on the phone or in person.

As an additional bonus, the law firm works on a contingency basis. This means that no one has to worry about paying for legal services up-front. No one pays until their case has been won. This ensures that everyone has access to quality legal representation when they have been injured.

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