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If you would like to live the Kelowna life and are looking for someone to help you find a home in a place that offers the quietness and peace of village life and the breathtaking views of the streetscapes and wildlife, check out Kettle Valley homes for sale. Let us know how we can help because this community offers an excellent standard of living surrounded by the tranquility of nature that is rarely found in any other place.

Kettle Valley was established in 1996 and has won numerous awards for its outstanding community living unlike any other. Kettle Valley offers their residents the pleasure of being surrounded by stunning streetscapes, wide parks, exciting nature trails, and the scenic view of the Okanagan Valley, among other amenities for your necessities. Kettle Valley homes for sale have attracted homeowners for years for its wonderful features and community that is surely one of the best in Canada.

In Kettle Valley’s Village Centre, you can find dozens of establishments that have captivating architecture and designs. It is home to excellent eating places like Kettle Valley Coffee and Scoops and Papito’s Pizza, a pizzeria that is popularly admired by the pizza-loving residents, and Kettle Valley Plates, a family-friendly restaurant that everyone of any age has been enjoying for years.

If you have children, Kettle Valley also has quite a number of schools to choose from like the Little Owl Academy, a daycare and pre-school for little kids, Chute Lake Elementary School and Okanagan Missionary School. Kettle Valley is surely a perfect place to raise a family, as there are important establishments at a convenient distance that can cater to your needs. There are also a plenty of colleges near the area like the Okanagan College and the University of British Columbia-Okanagan. For your health, there are establishments like Kettle Valley Fitness and Complete Core Pilates for your fitness needs and some medical and dental clinics nearby that are always available to serve.

If you are a nature-lover, Johns Family Nature Conservatory Regional Park is just adjacent to Kettle Valley and has an amazingly wide space above the southern hills in Kelowna. This park offers everyone a spectacular view and has very long nature trails that are great for hiking and exercising and sight-seeing the magnificent views of Kelowna, West Kelowna, Okanagan Lake, and the beautiful valleys surrounding it. The forest nearby houses some of the most interesting animals and wildlife like squirrels, deer, bobcats, and many other wild plants and animals.

The greatest feature of Kettle Valley that Kelowna Life Real Estate has to offer is the neighborhood and the people in it. The residents are very friendly and welcoming and have an amazing sense of community that you surely won’t fall out of place no matter how new you are in the area. Over the years, they have built a community tradition such as Kettle Valley Garage Sale that they have been doing annually for almost two decades. The Kettle Valley is surely a place of belongingness and togetherness that is more than you can expect from any other community.

Aim high and find a home in Kettle Valley. Check out Kettle Valley homes for sale for information.

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