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Rock History

Give at least 10 songs without which the history of rock and roll would be very different. Please no jonas brothers,miley cyrus,or any other disney artist,and also no boy bands,teen idols,or any crap like that. i want songs by real rock bands or artists and I don’t consider any of the individuals I named to be rock bands or artists. here is 1 of my essentials:elvis presley”heartbreak hotel”-the song that inspired many youngsters in the 1950’s and beyond to start playing music(including the beatles.). Do you know what I found? More importantly than Elvis Parsley’s Heart Break Hotel, was his first record “That’s Alright Mama” & “Blue Moon of Kentucky” That record not only single handily created Rockabilly, but was the inspiration for 4 of Rock n Roll’s early pioneers. Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, & Carl Perkins all of whom have stated it was that first record Elvis sang that made them sing Rock n Roll. But other songs would be, in no particular order. Rocket 88 – 1951 60 Minute Man – 1951 The Fat Man – 1949 Blue Suede Shoes – 1956 (First Rock n Roll song to go number1. It went number 1 on Blues, Country & pop charts) Rock Around the Clock – 1955 -Bill Haley Version not the original Sonny Dae and His Knights version) Tutti Frutti – 1955 Bo Diddly (He named the song after himself) I believe 1956 but could be 1957. The guitar playing, inspired more lead guitarist than any other guitar player, including Chuck Berry. The Hambone beat Bo Diddly invented it the basis for mostly all Rock song in last 55 years. Whole Lotta Shakin’ – 1957 (Jerry Lee Lewis’ version not the original Roy Hall’s version) Oh Pretty Woman – 1964 Last American #1 song before the British invasion Bye Bye Love – 1958 Every Brothers – Inspirational song for the Beatles to harmonize when they sang.

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Music On Internet Free

Hopefully sites that are virius free. And I tryed you tube, but it kept freezing ( I have dial up ). What I found out was – Music has been a rich source of entertainment since the ages. It still continues to throb the hearts of many. In today’s advanced technological world there are many gadgets which are kept by the users with them always like I-pod, walkman etc. There was time of Cassettes, CDs, DVDs and now is the time of recording music in USB drives and listening to it at ur leisure time. Sometimes we need to buy music chores and sometimes we get it free from our friends or relatives. Internet is gaining ground everyday in everybody’s life. Life is, slowly, becoming incomplete without Internet. Internet is a rich source of music too. Your requirement can also be met from the following links provided these are surfed thoroughly and consciously. It provides music, paid and free, both. But why to buy when something is available free? Please visit the above links. All the above links will prove helpful to you. Caution: I would like to add that in reality nothing is free. One needs to pay something if not cash then in kind. Such sites which claim for distributing things free tend to send adware, spyware, malware or any other such thing which may prove harmful to computer or mobile phone. So your computer or mobile phone must be well equipped with some good quality Anti Virus Software like AVG, MCaffe etc, Anti spyware software, Anti Adware Software like Lava Soft etc. One may start getting un-necessary bulk mail. So while downloading be cautious of such things and adopt some precautionary measures in advance. I shall suggest you to read their privacy policy also.

Music Site

I need a new site to download music from, please help. I was so pleased to find this — free music is illegal, unless the artist allows it. people are always trying to figure out new ways to steal stuff. most of the US sites are closed. They just arrested the guy that rub pirate bay, so that probably gone too I wonder what they will do with all the computer and credit info on there? Glad my names not there ? Below me me, shows up with q lot fake names, and answers. Any site that charges between 5-25 Cents, is illegal. They steal the music, and do not pay the artists. they rip EVERYONE off. they just want your computer and credit info. Do NOT give it to them another illegal site, pirate bay will be closed soon, they were just arested a couple days ago. Geee, I wonder what will happen to their list of names and email addresses. I’m pleased my name is not on their.

Review of free background music site.

Free Music Online Radio

I have a bluetooth car stero, I can listen to bluetooth players from my speakers. I want to setup my phone so I can stream music into my car. Pandora costs me $10 a month from ATT, its totally bogus. Anybody know where I can access totally free, good quality streaming mp3s? Or of any good software for this phone. Essentially — But Pandora is free instead,if you want a paid subscription they even cost you $36 a year not $10/mo. Pandora is free, but ATT charge you FOR INTERNET connection you use to listen to Pandora,simply because its an INTERNET RADIO,not ordinary radio which was free to air and you can catch the signal with radio receiver for free. All internet RADIO are Free but internet CONNECTION is NOT a free service in cellular industry. If you want 100% Free,find any cellular provider which give you Free internet.

Free Radio Stations

Hey there. I’ve seen people with radio stations online. Like for the online game habbo there is habcrazy. Net or something and they’ve several dj’s. I know theres a program named shoutcast and stuff. I know certain things cost money but these people did it for free. What programs do I download to start my own online radio station? Oh, and how do I work the programs? I’ve got a mic and lots of music. Basically… Download winamp and shoutcast. And shoutcast server. so winamp and the shoutcast server plugin and then the shoutcast server. then make sure your 80 and 88 ports are open. that should works. if you don’t want shoutcast then you can try : xStream GNU which might be downloaded from : Here is another software : try icecast it’s free. all stated above is free to use. hope this helps somewhat.

Voices: Micheline Dufert Keyboards, Backing vocals: Daniele Daoust: Bass, backing vocals: Wilhem Dunker Saxophone, percussions: Henry Krutzen Guitar: Francis. . .

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